Nemur - Dusty kid

I love you
I love you
I loved you...

I am the rain - Peter Doherty




Jag kände dem inte
Men jag gråter
Jag förstår inte
Två 15-åringar
Två barn
Som har livet framför sig
Som gör läxor
Städar rummet
Har vänner
För mycker tryck?
Kan någon förklara?
Förstår de vad de gör?
Vet dem?
Vet dem vad död betyder?
Det gör så ont
Fast jag inte kände dem 

Stereo love

When you're gonna stop breaking my heart
I don't wanna be another one
Paying for the things I never done
Don't let go
Don't let go
To my love

Can I get to your soul
Can you get to my thoughts
Can you promise we won't let go
All the things that I need
All the things that you need
You can make it feel so real.
Cuz you can't deny
You've blown my mind
When I touch your body
I feel I'm loosing control
When I see you baby
I just don't wanna let go

I hate to see you cry
Your smile is a beautiful lie
I hate to see you cry
My love is dying inside

I can fix all those lies
But baby, baby I run, but I'm running to you
You won't see me cry, I'm hiding inside
My heart is in pain but I'm smiling for you
Oh baby I'll try to make the things right

I need you more than air when I'm not with you
Please don't ask me why, just kiss me this time
My only dream is about you and I

My ex-boyfriends - Soko

I feel alone and I need an ex-boyfriend to be here with me just like a friend or more
But I think I hate all my ex-boyfriends

feeling good - muse

Idag är en bra dag.
Träffa C på skolan.
Få skolans jättesnygga tröja.
Perfekt storlek.
Fint väder.
Inte träffa A.
Som ringde lite för sent.
Som vanligt.
Springa med M.
Träffa E ikväll.
Inte skola längre.

The story of the impossible - Peter Von Poehl


Je ne veux pas travailler - Pink Martini

Orkar inte plugga hela dagen.
Blir snart galen.

Vill bara vara med dig hela tiden.
Varje dag.
Varje timme.
Varje minut.
Varje sekund.


i want you - martin solveig

Around the bend - The Asteroid Galaxy Tour

Give me that thing
Give it my friend
Give me hot love around the bend

I'll stay forever
With you

The Youth - MGMT

      After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
-Aldous Huxley

        But then there's a moment like tonight, a profound and transcendent experience, the feeling as if a door has opened, and it's all because of that instrument, that incredible, magical instrument.
-Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider

Kiss me - Sixpence None The Richer

du kysste mig framför alla
det bevisar kanske något
det var kanske inte en bra idé

I'll kill her - Soko

Jag kommer döda honom.
Jag lovar.

Should I stay or should I go? - The Clash

Call me please.


Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream

La leçon de piano - The heart asks pleasure first

J'ai hate de rentrer, hate de te revoir...
I can't wait to come home, can't wait to see you...

You're the storm - The Cardigans

Are you still alive?

Kids' - MGMT

You were a child
Crawling on your knees toward him
Making momma so proud
But your voice is too loud
We like to watch you laughing
Picking insects off of plants
No time to think of consequences

Control yourself
Take only what you need from him
A family of trees wanting to be haunted

A baby is born
Crying out for attention
Memories fade

Feeling good - Muse

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